Speaking Programs Available from Dale Ledbetter:

Record Setting Sales

When you want your sales force to break out and set new records – this is the program to book. They will learn the new groundbreaking techniques of empowerment selling. Dale will teach your people how to move away from the trick closes, manipulation and intimidation of the past – into the new techniques of empowering customers. Your audience will discover the ways to maximize business with existing customers, creating a network of friends who buy from them.

This program is built upon actual case studies from Dale’s 30 plus years of successful selling. It even includes a little magic to drive home these powerful principles so your people remember the lessons. They will discover how to recognize challenges their prospects have, and solve those challenges in ways that create satisfied customers for life.

Dale’s own story of walking away from a career in law to pursue sales success will captivate your people, as he reveals the actual sales strategies he uses to close multi-million dollar deals. He’ll unveil the secrets he’s taught to some of the world’s highest paid sales superstars. Dale’s protégées have broken sales records with these techniques – now your people can too!

Bringing In The Business

Bringing In The Business will teach your salespeople how to create a steady stream of new prospects for their business. They will sit transfixed, as Dale relates how one five minute lesson in law school, taught him what he needed to know to go out and earn millions of dollars in sales!

This program focuses on finding and landing new business. Your people will learn the sales-producing techniques Dale refined in more than three decades of selling successfully. From referrals to lead generation, from prospecting letters to the Internet – your people will discover the secrets of the multi-million dollar producers. Dale will teach them how to move from a salesperson making calls, into a valued business partner. This is the true pathway to selling more.

This session includes a compelling illusion that will amaze your audience– while at the same time illustrating a breakthrough sales technique. They will remember the magic for years – and how to give the prospect a reason to buy only from them!

Overcoming the Setbacks of Sales

This is a program on overcoming the obstacles you’ll meet on the road to sales success. There is probably no profession more rewarding, yet more challenging than a career in sales. Drawing on his more than 30 years of selling experience, Dale will teach your people how to develop the mental toughness and mindset to succeed. They will learn how to overcome self-doubt, procrastination and fear – to achieve the results they want.

Your audience will be riveted to their seats as Dale performs magic that makes the impossible – possible – right before their eyes. It’s a lesson on the power of belief, and how this new belief can help them overcome the sales challenges they face.

They’ll erupt in howls of laughter as Dale relates the story of his high school hypnosis experience, while they learn how to recognize and eliminate negative programming from their own life. Then, watch them listen in rapt attention as he shares the story of his mother’s illness. They will learn the building blocks to the faith and positive belief that will help them sell more.

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