Dale Ledbetter’s mother was truly a pioneer. She was blazing trails and fighting for women’s liberation before the term was even invented. She was the first female in her field and became a great success.

When her son abandoned a legal career to pursue a new career in sales, she wrote him a series of letters – sharing her secrets of success.

Dale Ledbetter converted those letters into this wonderful book of loving instructions – From Mother, With Love. This book makes the perfect gift for a mother to give a child or for a child to give to a parent. In this book, lessons are taught through the loving, caring thoughts of a successful mother.

Real world, common sense strategies for selling more. The poignant collection of letters was compiled by Dale Ledbetter, based on correspondence he received from his mother – the first saleswomen in the pharmaceutical business. Her lessons transcend the industry. Whatever product or service you sell – this book will help you sell more of it.

You’ll learn sales techniques from esoteric things such as working on yourself and breathing, to helpful habits on organization and time management, to advanced skills in rapport and communication. Step-by-step, these letters will take you through the process from sales neophyte to successful sales professional.