Our consulting practice is built around a simple and powerful statement that is the backbone of every organization – BRINGING IN THE BUSINESS.

This approach is driven by Dale Ledbetter’s Ten Keys – Plus One – To Bringing in the Business:

  1. Know exactly your compelling reason to act.
  2. Lead with benefits and substantiate with features.
  3. Never make a cold call.
  4. What you hear is as important as what you say – be a great listener.
  5. Use systems to free your creative thinking.
  6. Your most important product is you.
  7. It is easier to do more business with the customer you already have than it is to find a new customer.
  8. Form profitable partnerships.
  9. Exploit your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.
  10. Have an effective Internet presence.

Take a sheet of paper for each key. Put the name of the first 10 Keys at the top of each separate sheet. Then put the 11th key – make errors of commission rather than omission – into practice by listing on each of the 10 sheets, the specific steps you will take to implement each key. Implement. Don’t just make the list and decide to implement. Take action. Implement. You have the roadmap. It is now up to you.

The process of bringing in the business has changed dramatically in the last few years. The 10 Keys – plus one – are timeless and support the new concept that is dominating markets – the facilitation of buying. This requires a marriage of technology and old-fashioned customer service. This combination gives customers what they are really after – which is control and empowerment. That combination IS the facilitation of buying.

Our practice doesn’t just describe this process as an academic exercise. We give you practical, easy to follow steps for implementing the process.