Bringing In The Business

By Dale Ledbetter

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Learn how to bring in the business by giving control and empowerment
to your customers – the real keys to sales and marketing success.

Bringing in the Business is the key to success in any business. No matter what business you are in, you have got to bring in the business. Some business owners resist being in sales; others abhor the marketing process. But they all want to bring in the business.

Dale Ledbetter speaks from real-world experience. He gives you “Ten Keys – Plus One – to Bringing in the Business“, all tried, tested and proven in the only laboratory that really counts – the real world.

The world of bringing in the business has undergone evolutionary change. The new rules – the facilitation of buying – require a marriage of technology and old-fashioned customer service. You’ll learn how to operate successfully in this new environment by giving customers what they are really after – control and empowerment.

There is no information in this book about trick closes, slick presentations, misleading techniques or how to get customers to do things that aren’t in their best interest. Those kinds of techniques do not give control or empowerment to customers and have no place in the process of bringing in the business.

The main message of this book is to help you understand the transition that has taken place – from out-dated sales techniques to the facilitation of buying – and to arm you with the knowledge of how to bring in the business in this new environment.